microblading and Ombre eyebrows Park Ridge IL

At Brows with Joanna we provide you with personalized, soft and natural looking eyebrows to enhance your beauty. We understand that a great pair of brows can drastically change a person’s appearance and confidence, so we offer a solution for anyone who has thinning eyebrows due to overplucking, hair loss or those who have no definition or volume to their eyebrows. We specialize in Ombre Powder Brows, Microblading and Microshading.

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Ombre Brow

This technique is a natural shading of the brow using a digital machine to create pixilated dots throughout. It has a gradient effect from the beginning of the brow to the end, starting from light and fading to dark. Ombre powder shading comes in different styles and is buildable from a soft natural look to a darker more defined look.


Microblading creates 3D hair like strokes using microfine needles. This technique is suitable for those who have plenty of existing hair to blend with the created strokes. Great for those who have a good amount of hair and want more volume. For those who have little to no hair, it’s not recommended as the strokes will not blend naturally.


This look is a combination of both Powdered brows and 3D hair like strokes. This method uses both manual and machine techniques to create natural strokes with a soft, powdery makeup finish.

microblading and Ombre eyebrows Park Ridge IL

Wake up with perfect brows everyday!
• No more uneven brows
• No more filling in
• No more thin brows
• No more sweating your brows off
• No more smudging

Microblading Ombre artist Joanna Kande

Joanna Kande

About The Artist

I have always been an artist at heart. Whether it be drawing, painting or makeup. But my eyebrow journey truly began with my own case of bad brows. I would look at other people’s brows and never understand why I couldn’t get mine to look like theirs. Fast forward a few years and I discovered the life changing act of Microblading, then later Ombre Powder Brows. These techniques literally changed my life and started my obsession with eyebrows.

What is the difference between Ombré Powder Brows, Microshading and Microblading?

Ombré Powder Brows is the newest and one of the most advanced machine techniques in semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. The technique is described by its name, soft and light in the front and gradually darker towards the tail. Ombré Powder Brows can be applied with a soft, natural-finish or can be built up to resemble the look of darker makeup. Ombré is great for all skin types.

Microblading has a hyper-realistic eyebrow look achieved by manual hair like strokes cut into the skin. This technique creates a natural result, giving brows a fuller appearance. This technique is best suited for normal to dry skin types with minimal appearance of pores.

Microshading is a blend of Microblading strokes combined with Ombré Powder. The ratio of microblading to shading can be customized to suit your personal preference. This is a beautiful option for clients who wish to achieve a “fluffy” look at the front of their brows, but need a bit more density through the body of the brow.

Why you might want to consider Ombré Powder Brows Over Microblading

When it comes to semi-permanent eyebrows, you’ve probably heard of microblading. With social media’s rapid growth in the last decade, microblading’s popularity in the US surged, quickly replacing its predecessor, the traditional tattoo technique. Microblading has seen mainstream appeal due to its hyper-realistic effect created with hair like strokes cut in to the skin.

Fast forward a few years. While microblading was gaining Western demand, a newer and more advanced technique called Ombré Powder Brows was developing in Asia. Ombré Powder Brows differs from traditional tattooing in that it is surface work-meaning, the application is done on the epidermis layer of the skin. The technique is described by its name, with results being powdery with a faded front and a crisp tail, resembling the look of makeup. In the last few years, Ombré Powder Brows have started to gain US traction, often converting people with prior microblading work.

So, why has Ombré Powder Brows become the next big thing?

  • Less Invasive: Ombré Powder Brows are achieved using a small machine which disperses extremely fine dots of pigment evenly across and into the skin in an airbrush shading technique. Microblading uses a hand-tool that creates incisions or small cuts into the skin. Over time, repeated incisions into the same spots will cause trauma to the skin more quickly.
  • Less Pain and Bleeding: Ombré Powder Brows are less painful due to the airbrushing-like technique we apply, which creates less trauma to the skin vs. the blading technique of microblading. The latter also creates cuts into the skin, thus more bleeding is involved. With Ombré Powder Brows, minimal to zero blood surfaces during the procedure. 
  • Lasts longer: Results vary based on lifestyle, skin type, health, etc. but a single Ombré Powder session can last an average of 2-3 years. 
  • Great for all skin types: Ombré Powder Brows are great for any skin type, unlike Microblading, which is not suitable for those with oily skin, mature skin or those who do not already have a good amount of hair to blend with the hair like strokes.
  • Still looks natural: While Ombré Powder Brows have a more “filled-in” look, the healed results appear like softly shaded brow pencil or powder. Immediately after the treatment, Ombré Powder Brows can appear saturated and bold. However, brows will fade 30-40%, leaving a very soft finish and shape once healed.