Microblading Ombre artist Joanna Kande

About the Artist

I have always been an artist at heart. Whether it be drawing, painting or makeup. But my eyebrow journey truly began with my own case of bad brows. I would look at other people’s brows and never understand why I couldn’t get mine to look like theirs. Fast forward a few years and I discovered the life changing act of Microblading, then later Ombre Powder Brows. These techniques literally changed my life and started my obsession with eyebrows.

Having my eyebrows done was a total game changer. It made me look and feel more confident as well as save me so much time getting ready in the morning. I knew that I wanted to use my artistic skills to share this with other women and make them feel more confident and beautiful, just as I did. It has now been over three years since I’ve started on this eyebrow journey. I have taken multiple courses to challenge myself and learn the most advanced techniques offered to date.