Microshading is a combination of Ombre Powder and Microblading strokes. The ratio of Microblading to shading can be customized to suit your personal preference.

The process for Microshading begins with a 1.5-hour consultation to determine shape and color. During this time, I will be using several different methods to create the perfected eyebrow shape suited for your face based on your bone structure and hair flow. An outline of the brow will be done using a machine. Once the outline is completed on both brows, Microblading will be done before switching back to the machine to complete the shading. The procedure itself will take up to 1.5-2 hours which will include numbing, tattooing and aftercare instructions. Please allow up to 3.5 hours for the entire appointment.

Procedure Time: 3.5 Hours

Recovery Time: 2 Weeks

Pain Level: Mild

Lasts: Up to 3 years (Microblade strokes may need to be touched up sooner.)